jobey_in_error (jobey_in_error) wrote,

What is reality

Real life and partial-lurker-status-explanation:

1. We're moving... to Boston. L. got a job, one he's very happy about.

Boston is faaaarrr away.

2. My apartment is half in boxes. I can't find a thing.

3. My classroom is half in boxes. I need to pack in the other half by Friday. Eep.

4. I have three phone interviews with Boston schools today. (This, after radio silence for over a month. It's apparently "Interview Prospective Hires Day" in Massachusetts.)

5. Last day of school is tomorrow. The kids are being super sweet about my leaving, like the girl who was doomed by HP7 doing a rap in my honor at our Poetry Slam and presenting me with flowers, and a bunch of kids yesterday who had coordinated a filk that they sang with coordinated plastic cup percussion sections (they were amazing).

But I am disappointing the hell out of them, as the ambition seems to be to make me cry. I'd like to give them that for all their thoughtful surprises, but I am not much of a public crier.

I'm more a wake-up-at-one-in-the-morning crier. But that's a different story.

6. I got named Outstanding Teacher of 2016 for the school district.


Yep, I'm going to work that factoid into the phone interviews today. You betcha.

7. Anyone have any Pulped prompt ideas? I'm scraping the bottom of my barrel.
Tags: i can haz rl?
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